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Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures exhibit reception


Adam Cooper-Terán


As a media agitator, Adam has been creating videos for performance, theater, and spectacle for decades. Born and bred in so-called Tucson, much of their work is centered on storytelling, often expressed through a decolonial lens, and implementing tactics more aligned with surveillance culture, psychedelia, and the supernatural. The "eye in the triangle" is a ubiquitous symbol both esoteric and conspiratorial, a majikal gesture to deflect ill frequencies.


 Andi came to Tucson from Michigan in 2009. She co-created the Arizona Survivors of Torture program at the International Rescue Committee, receiving a Sarlo Distinguished Humanitarian Service Award, and a Ben’s Bell for promoting kindness and community. Andi directs programming at Owl & Panther, an expressive arts nonprofit serving survivors of traumatic displacement. Here Andi holds her dog, Lola, and carries a handmade bag from Ghana. Her jean jacket buttons declare, “No Human Being Is Illegal,” and “Refugees Welcome.” Andi’s right hand forms “I Love You,” in American Sign Language, symbolizing her love of people and languages. Rudy also took special care to capture Andi’s great-grandmother Ruth’s handmade quilt for her base, representing an ancestral lineage of strong women who came before her and paved the way.

Andrew West

When Rudy and I met, we talked about life. We talked about growing up

and what it means to become a man. What it means to have the children

who look up to you. What it means to fulfill the meaning of this life.

Anne Bolger Witherspoon

I am a daughter, mother, wife, theater educator and youth director,

volunteer, and activist. A New Mexican by birth; having lived on both

coasts, I made my way back to the high desert and blue skies of


One Christmas morning, I unwrapped a gift that revealed a little green

figure. I looked up and my husband had the biggest smile. It was an

invitation to have my own figure made in my likeness. But really it was

an invitation to say YES to the unexpected.

I choose a bouquet of calla lilies to hold because their shape always reminds me to look inward to find beauty.


Brent Kort


BK has been playing music since middle school. Funky Bonz,

Saguaroville, Love Boat, Hillbilly Bo, and Ramonz are some of his past

and present bands. BK also has managed the live music venues 

Rialto/191, Fox Theatre and The Rock. Local Love is BKs promotion

company producing well over 100 concerts in its 1st decade. Being part

of the local music and art community means a lot and being immortalized

as one of the Tiny Tributes is an honor.  

Bryan Scott

I chose for my little green man to wield a cast iron frying pan. Which

in retrospect, I wish I had chosen something a little lighter

considering how long I had to hold that pose!

Food is a huge part of my life, from adventure cooking to running a

small food based business (Iron Ladle Kitchen, see a trend here?) across

the country.

You can usually find me in or very near a kitchen with my trusty cast iron close at hand.


C. Elliott

C. Elliott has lived and worked in Tucson, Arizona since1973, where she's a live music / concert photographer. Elliott is the house photographer for several local venues including the Rialto Theatre, 191 Toole, Fox Tucson Theatre, and the Rhythm and Roots Concert Series. Rudy has been able to capture me in the way many folks see me out & about town - with cameras around my neck or up to my eye, capturing Tucson's vibrant music scene. I'm honored to be represented alongside so many wonderful Tucsonans. Rudy has been able to capture me in the way many folks see me out & about town - with cameras around my neck or up to my eye, capturing Tucson's vibrant music scene. I'm honored to be represented alongside so many wonderful Tucsonans.

Candi Carrell


Native Tucsonian- I am honored to be in this amazing community project

created by Rudy Flores to help recognize the many faces/skills that make

up our awesome caring, artistic and beautiful community. I choose to

stand holding a life size skeleton

because we are all the same in the inside and just because we look

different on the outside doesn't mean we can't build a kind town where

people can be acknowledged and respected for their differences.

Chris Stamos


Christopher E. Stamos, AKA the Pirate ‘Donde Estamos.’ I hold an annual

pirate costume party here in Tucson, Arizona. As Dave Barry so wisely

once said, “There comes a time in a man's life when he hears the call of

the sea. "Hey, YOU!" are the sea's exact words. If the man has a brain

in his head, he will hang up the phone immediately.” This pirate does

not have a brain in his head, just a fondness for pirates and the sea.

Djamila Jean-Charles

"Tiny Takeout"

Donald Norris

As a professional artist, I wanted to meet the artist of this monumental project. My son and I had been 3D printing people, molding the plastic figures and casting them in lead free pewter. It was a great learning opportunity. The pose is of me melting pure silver on a pine log to pour into a bundle of pine needles to make a pine needle casting. As a Silversmith and teacher, that has taught Silversmithing in all 50 states for 50 years, pine needle casting is a process that I thought of, “invented”, and have been using for 40 years.

Emily Laughlin

Emily Laughlin is a Tucsonan who enjoys hiking in her free time.

Frank Powers


I’ve been enlisted since the very 1st draft because I believe this is the coolest community project

ever. I have 3 Tributes (so far), all with someone special. The 1st features my cartoon character,

Pissed OFF Panda. I kickstarted for the largest 3d print, perfectly hand painted by Teresa

Estrella. Rudy gifted me a new number two, with my best friend, Karlen Ross. Third, my puppet

Frik got the honors. This has become extra special because I’ve been incorporated into the Tiny

Tributes logo! I’m LITERALLY a symbol for the community now and it’s the biggest dream come

true because Toot Toot Tucson, I love you the most.

Frankie Israel

Years ago when I first met my partner, he told me about what he called

his action figure; a small statue of himself which he’d gotten made that

he could leave himself with his friends. I thought the idea was so

clever, and made me think about the ways we do leave parts of ourselves

with others. Something to remember us by. It made me want to leave some

of me behind as well. We all want to stick around as long as we can, but

immortality of the flesh has yet to be accomplished. Perhaps the

immortality of green plastic is close enough…


Gabe Flores

“fool me once, shame on you. teach a man to fool me and I’ll be fooled for the rest of my life”

Gerald M. Gay

 Gerald M. Gay is a journalist who worked as a reporter for the Arizona Daily Star newspaper for 20 years. He was one of the first people to document Rudy’s Tiny Tributes project. Gerald married his wife, Jessica Jim in 2021 on the Navajo Nation amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Rudy made this figure, featuring Gerald, Jessica and Jessica's son, Jonah Beal as a topper for their wedding cake. Gerald continues to work as a journalist for KGUN 9.

Gerald Rockwell


“Romancing the Stone”

Gerald Rockwell is a professional artist residing in Tucson Arizona. He finds great satisfaction in carving

free flowing abstract sculptures from stone because it provides him with the freedom of creativity that

he had not found in other mediums.

Gerald has a background in commercial art having graduated from The Art Center of Tucson. As a

commercial artist he spent many years doing work for a variety of clients but found more freedom in

pursuing the fine arts. Though skilled with a pen and brush he discovered a love for sculpture after a trip

exploring the great many museums and gardens across Europe. Fueled by this new desire he became a

self-taught sculptor and furthered his training under mentor Merlin Cohen.

Whether it’s forming the stone into abstract organic shapes, representing a figure from nature or a

mythological creature, he finds the image in the stone and releases it for all to see while embracing the

imperfections that represent life itself.

Gerald’s work has been shown in local Tucson sculpture exhibits through the Tucson Jewish Community

Center and as well as Sculpture in the Park in Loveland Colorado. His sculptures are

currently represented by Anticus Gallery Scottsdale, Toscana Gallery in Oro Valley, On the Edge

Contemporary Gallery in Tubac and Lovetts Gallery in Tulsa OK.

Gerald has been featured in The Desert Leaf, Tucson Lifestyle Magazine, and Tucson Guide publications.

Personal statement; “I do abstract sculpture because it brings me the most pleasure. It’s a release from

daily stress and there is no right or wrong. You simply follow your mind’s eye and what you see in the

stone then remove the excess. You are never sure what you are going to end up with, every stone has a

unique character, either by its translucency, texture, or color. I am often surprised. That is a joy!”



Daughter of Winnie Mae

Second-generation native Tucsonan


Dog lover

Music lover

Taco lover






Jazlyn Cassarino

It has been an honor to be a part of this exhibit. I choose to read a

book as my pose to show my love for reading. I love reading books that

can take me into a new world with each page


Jeremy Barr

Growing up in Tucson I've played sports, gotten into skateboarding,

started playing guitar and have played in bands for years. The Army Man

Project, to me, is being apart of a brotherhood...So to speak. From

looking up to so many of these people that are in the Army Man Project,

to becoming a part of the Army Man Project, definitely solidifies my

place/influence in Tucson. Just as they all have.The

pose I chose I feel is a culmination of everything that has always

represented me, represents me currently and will till the day I die.

Rock 'n' Roll


Jerry Diaz

Being a part of The Old Pueblo for so many years, it was a given that I

would want to be a part of the Army Man Project. I posed in the usual

stance that people see when they first meet me of openness and equality.

I honor the fight of equality with my beret and I invite all to know

more about me with the Army Man as a conversation starter, so asking to

be included in the project means more than just the finished product. I

am honored to be included along with many people who make Tucson what it



Jessica Gonzalez/Dakin


Jessica and Dakin wanted to make their wedding cake as unique and fun as the life they share

together. The first step to creating this cake was to pose for the most epic custom cake topper

ever! Their relationship has blossomed into what it is through the connection they’ve forged

through working together as mural painters. This pose was chosen to reflect that bond and

express the creativity that is the foundation of their connection. These are the clothes they

have worn during some of their most meaningful experiences – much more authentic than a

tuxedo and gown!

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