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 Andi came to Tucson from Michigan in 2009. She co-created the Arizona Survivors of Torture program at the International Rescue Committee, receiving a Sarlo Distinguished Humanitarian Service Award, and a Ben’s Bell for promoting kindness and community. Andi directs programming at Owl & Panther, an expressive arts nonprofit serving survivors of traumatic displacement. Here Andi holds her dog, Lola, and carries a handmade bag from Ghana. Her jean jacket buttons declare, “No Human Being Is Illegal,” and “Refugees Welcome.” Andi’s right hand forms “I Love You,” in American Sign Language, symbolizing her love of people and languages. Rudy also took special care to capture Andi’s great-grandmother Ruth’s handmade quilt for her base, representing an ancestral lineage of strong women who came before her and paved the way.

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