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Ink & Staples Mini documentry

1 Aaron Bates

Aaron was born and raised in Tucson AZ, both parents are artist, Aaron got into painting CPK dolls in late 2013, a horror movie inspired the then 23 year old and has done over 600+ dolls in the span of 8 years and recently got into canvas painting, you can find him and his work at the Tanque Verde Swap Meet, when he is not working on his art work his hobbies are collecting vintage action figures and Video games he is a very down to earth person once you get to know him, he does not take request all that much he usually likes to work on his own time but his work will is mind blowing.

2 Abel Chánes

Licensed Case Manager for TOKA. Lap dog enthusiast who borders on obsessive when it comes to his dog, Duchess. Travel enthusiast who is always open to new experiences

3 Adam Gilliland

Adam Gilliland is an artist and a musician. At least he used to be before he was shrunken down and his soul was encased in plastic by a dark wizard. Oldadamman@instagram

4 AJ Hughes

Owner: Splitting Timber Axe Range

5 Alec Ronstadt

Alec Ronstadt is a local blacksmith and D&D enthusiast. He enjoys board games, family time, and anything historical

6 Aleida Gehrels (“Biking Oma”)

Aleida received her degree in French Literature from the University of Arizona in 1969. In 1976 she helped found University High School. “Madame”, as she was affectionately known by her students, taught French and Art History at UHS for 21 years. After teaching Aleida went back to the UofA and received her Bachelor of Science in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Today, at age 96, she continues to play the piano, read, garden, and ride her tricycle around her neighborhood three times a day.

7 Alex Gardner/Karate kid

Alex is shown here with a sword, looking poised and stern. Alex looks for injustices in the world and corrects them, in real time.

8 Alicia/Silver MarieAnTinette

MarieAnTinette is a silver living statue created and performed by local artist Pia Alicia-Pilar Mogollón.

9 Alisha "Las Muletas" Vasquez

My name is Alisha Vasquez (She.Her.Ella). I'm a 37 year-old krip Chicana mama of a 3 year-old from the unceded homelands of Tohono O'odham and Yoeme peoples. Becoming a parent has been the wildest journey of my life, which has funneled all of my past experiences, knowledges, and beliefs into a new solidification of my values--I am a more joyous version of my analytical self. I honor my Mexican American-Tucsonense family, punk rock, living disabled, my acceptance and rejection of the academy, and existing within community as the epochs of my education until becoming a parent. I've taught middle school, high school, and college, using these positions to channel resources into the community. I currently work at the Southwest Folklife Alliance and am following through on passion projects that use my training as an historian, community organizer, and educator to capture what it means to exist in so-called Tucson. Writing has always been my release valve, which I've done since I was 12; my style is a mezcla a la Allen Ginsberg, everyday vernacular, political economy, Simpsons references, and inside jokes--usually to make a point.

10 Alva B Torres

Born in Tucson, Az. May 11th 1932 at the Storks Nest

11 Amy “Axe-Ident” Holzgrafe

Competitive Axe Thrower since 2017

12 Amy C. Oliver, FRAS, NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador

Amy C. Oliver, FRAS Born and raised in Utah, Amy C. Oliver, FRAS, heard and answered the call of desert astronomy in 2018, and moved to the Tucson area to work for the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory in public science as the Public Affairs Officer and Visitor & Science Center Manager at Smithsonian's Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory. Amy loves sharing the wonders of the Universe with others so much that she also works as a program presenter for the Mount Lemmon Sky Center, as the Public Information & News Manager for the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, and she even helps out at the National Optical and Infrared Laboratory (NOIRLab). Amy is a light pollution expert and her research and advocacy efforts in dark skies preservation earned her an election in 2021 as a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society (FRAS). She also serves as a NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador, sits on the Tucson Sign Design Review Committee, and was formally appointed in 2021 to the Tucson/Pima County Outdoor Lighting Code Committee by the Mayor of Tucson. As if she's not busy enough, Amy sits on the board for the Historical Astronomy Division of the American Astronomical Society, promoting the historical value of astronomy; and serves on the board of the National Emerging Museum Professionals Network, where she focuses on pay equity and salary transparency for new and longtime museum professionals. She is also an active journalist in medical technology and space science. As the Nerdy Astronomer, and alongside her trusty telescope sidekick, Wilson, Amy shows the night sky to anyone who will stop and just look up. When she's not dealing in space and technology, Amy can be found cuddling her two oversized cats, Phanta and Drew, and reading a good book. Instagram: nerdyastronomer Twitter: NerdyAstronomer Facebook: Nerdy Astronomer

13 Andrea Bielenstein


Andrea Bielenstein: I am an enthusiastic nerd who grew up here in Tucson with a deep love for the Sonoran Desert. As an avid fantasy book, game, and art collector I love immersing myself into new worlds and stories. World building has always been dear to my heart and the ability to imagine a different way of life and its societal constructs have blended well into my passion for community activism and local politics. As a graduate from Northern Arizona University who majored in both Political Science and Sociology, community activism (especially when it comes to food security and sustainability) is a deep passion of mine. Being part of a community is incredibly beneficial and I am a proud member of Tucson’s Brazilian samba group, Sol Axe, a diverse group of folks who love coming together and creating music. I have been drumming for more than seventeen years and drumming for me is one of the most grounding and meditative parts of my life. I also love gardening and my fiancé and I dream one day of owning chickens and goats (as well as some land, a Japanese soaking tub, and alpacas.) I am very much someone who loves cooking, sharing excellent meals and conversations with people, and going on adventures—I have always related deeply to hobbits and their way of life. I have been a member of the Prosperity Home Mortgage Jon Humig Team for almost five years as a transaction coordinator and working with our diverse clients has taught me much about community and the rich culture that Tucson has to offer. I learned about this project from my fiancé Lawrence who is an active member in Tucson’s local artist community and fell in love with it! We commissioned this 3D piece of both of us to be the topper for our wedding cake. Our wedding will be next year at the Tucson Botanical Gardens where we had our first date and will of course be slightly Lord of the Rings themed.

14 Andrea Buttrick

Andrea is a cultivator of messages, identity, and vision for musicians, the Food Conspiracy Co-op, and the Tucson community. Through running, advocacy, and activism, she moves to clear pathways and kindle fires.

15 Andrea Rubio

Business Office Manager at Pima Dermatology. Mother of 3 and the glue that keeps about a dozen extended family members on track and together. Country music enthusiast

16 Andres Ramirez

Husband Father Rocker from Paraguay

17 Anita

Baker/cake decorator for 27 years. Mother of two.

18 Anne Dougherty

Owner at Illume Advising. Researcher and Change Agent in the World of Energy Consulting. Mother, Spouse, and Caretaker of an African Spurred Tortoise named Hugo

19 Anthony Cardenaz

McElroy's Automotive Repair

20 Aurora

I push myself to be a perpetual student of the world. Currently, that world includes music, film, and the Romance languages

21 Barb Trujillo

Bartender at The Hotel Congress, Stylist at Metropolis Hair Salon on 4th Ave. Axe and Knife Thrower.

22 Bella

Isabella has been playing Cello for 5 years. Loves all forms of art and her animals.

23 Betsi Meissner

A radio DJ on KXCI since 1993, Betsi loves all forms of music. She graduated from the University of Arizona with a masters degree in art/photo history and worked at the Center for Creative Photography for 25 years. She loves living in the culturally rich Tucson community and also looks forward to resuming her world travel adventures.

24 Bill Martin

A refugee from the southern California music scene in 1985, Bill Martin has been a performing musician in Tucson both as a soloist, as well as in collaboration with a variety of local musicians. He enjoys hiking, biking and spending time with his family. He also has recorded his music in Tucson and in Southern California.

25 Bondo Bob

Professional Dynacologist, American motorcyle professor, and all around great guy!!

26 Brad Henner (Motorcycle Enthusiast)

Since before he could apply for a driver’s license, Brad had a love for speed especially on two wheels. From doing bicycle wheelies as a kid to owning multiple motorcycles today, Brad still loves the rush of the ride. The weather in Tucson is perfect, offering the opportunity to ride nearly 365 days per year.

27 Bree Jessie Richmond

A third-generation Tucsonan, Bree graduated Suma Cum Laude from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Visual Communication Design. She is a marketing and design consultant and the owner and CEO of Proper Properties – a short-term rental investment and management company. Bree has volunteered her time and talents for a number of local non-profit organizations, including the American Advertising Federation Tucson, Wings for Women, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, and the Peter Howell Neighborhood Association. True to her Lebanese and Italian heritage, Bree embraces life with zest. One of her passion projects was publishing a book about Lebanese cooking as inspired by her mother and other female ancestors. She is married to Claude Moore Bailey IV and they have two spirited ragdoll cats – Juniper and Jessamyn. Bree Richmond Consulting website:  Proper Properties website: Bree’s Cookbook “From Cedars to Saguaros”: Social Media:

28 Brenda Huettner

Brenda is a writer who likes crochet and cheese. She also volunteers with NASA's Solar System Ambassador program and the Community Food Bank.

29 Brent Kort

Brent Kort has been working, producing, promoting and performing concerts and events in Tucson and beyond since 1993. He has been a manager of The Rock, The Fox and The Rialto/191 along with helping to organize the Tucson Jazz Fest and producing over 60 local events at Rialto Theatre under his Local Love moniker.
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