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74 Jill Hofer Mermaid

Growing up on a small farm in the Midwest, Jill would stare at the mermaid on the tuna can and dream of an adventurous life under the sea with underwater friends and a magic star wand. Decades later, while creating Braille jewelry for her philanthropic jewelry company, A Nice World, Jill was asked by an artist/collaborator/mentor what she wanted to be when she grew up. Answering this question honestly for the first time in her life, Jill said, “Actually, I wanted to be the mermaid on the tuna can.” Her mentor gave a look of shock, stood up, walked to her cabinet and pulled out a scrapbook to show the newspaper clipping of SHE HERSELF in the 1950s, posing as the original mermaid on that magical inspiring can of tuna. Amazing synchronicity, now forever commemorated in this Tucson Army figure. A resident of Tucson since 1996, Jill is passionate about connecting people and uplifting nonprofit causes through A Nice World, her innovative jewelry company which donates 33% - 100% of profits. She’s a freelance writer with feature articles and cover stories on diverse topics including travel, Arizona Dude Ranches, Mexican Sweets and the culture, art and cuisine of South Tucson. Jill is in love with life in Tucson, she is a volunteer, a professional fire dancer and an avid traveler, having visited 27 countries with plans for many more on the way. Instagram: @a_Nice_World and @LOA_Jewelry
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