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73 Jill Hofer Burning Man

Jill’s life inside Burning Man as Renge Kyo reflects her life in Tucson and vice-versa. She is the owner of A Nice World philanthropic jewelry company and a proud member of the Playa Jewelers Guild. Her Burning Man themed jewelry designs have been featured in exhibits on and off the Playa. She is the founder of Poi-Zen fire performance troupe and her fondest memories of fire dancing are from the world’s largest fire performance: Conclave, at Burning Man. She is an avid follower of the Law of Attraction and her contributions to Burning Man and regional Burning Man events include being Mirrora, a roving Law of Attraction reader. She’s been a Traveling Maenad Tarot Reader, a co-builder of large-scale art projects, a body artist for her home Camp and an enthusiastic uplifter in the Compliment Booth. A resident of Tucson since 1996, Jill is passionate about connecting people and uplifting nonprofit causes through A Nice World, her innovative jewelry company which donates 33% - 100% of profits. She’s a freelance writer with feature articles and cover stories on diverse topics including travel, Arizona Dude Ranches, Mexican Sweets and the culture, art and cuisine of South Tucson. Jill is in love with life in Tucson, she is a volunteer, a professional fire dancer and an avid traveler, having visited 27 countries with plans for many more on the way. Instagram: @a_Nice_World and @LOA_Jewelry
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