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37 Christopher Pings

Chris is a transplant to Tucson that came to get an accounting degree from the University of Arizona and never left. He has now worked for the University in the Treasury department for over a decade. Outside of work, Chris is a runner, but takes a light-hearted perspective on it. Over the years, he's been spotted running in pink tuxedos, wacky suits, Santa getups, and most recently a sun costume. When faced with running costumed or not, Chris has always been willing to take the slower time to put some smiles on the faces of his fellow runners over trying for a PR. Additionally, Chris is now an emcee for most of StartLine Racing's ( Tucson events throughout the year, of course still sporting a variety of costumes. Chris has also served on a variety of nonprofit boards in town over the years and currently serves as the Treasurer for the Institute for Generational Research and Education. This organization is dedicated to advancing insight and education on inter-generational understanding, collaboration, and connection.
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