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118 Maggie Carillo

The Joyful Grocer is a fifth generation Tucsonan, Maggie Carrillo. “If I’m gonna be in an Army, it will be an army that brings my community extreme kindness, abundant food and beautiful flowers.” My participation in the army is a direct homage to my Grandfather, Federico Carrillo, who sold fresh vegetables in Barrio Anita from his truck, the infamous Green Hornet, and with his wife Guadalupe, raised six remarkable children. Federico and the Green Hornet were immortalized in a beautiful painting by Guadalupe de la Torre in celebration of the achievements of one of his sons, Msgr. Arsenio Carrillo. The idea that a simple man who raised good and honorable children would be memorialized in such an extraordinary way has always inspired me. How we live our lives creates ripples: waves of integrity and kindness and generosity. Every time you choose to make someone’s day better, you are setting the right intentions in motion… for generations.
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