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90 Kathleen Dreier, Photographer

Since 2006, Kathleen Dreier is a Tucson-based eclectic, engaging, and athletic portrait/event photographer. She is able to "walk in many worlds" both private and public, documenting it authentically. Kathleen’s work involves short and long-term assignments, select donated service, and personal projects. Her clients include corporations, small businesses, non-profits, individuals, families. Kathleen also has had a long time social work career. This combined skill set gives Kathleen a unique doorway to quickly establishing rapport with and understanding the dynamics of her photography subjects. Kathleen’s photography has been informed by being a student of Mary Ellen Mark, many mentors, and a multi-year workshop assistant for Mary Virginia Swanson. Kathleen’s current personal social change portrait series is entitled “Voices of Race.” Kathleen is a long-time member of the National Press Photographers Association. She is also a Visit Tucson partner, a Certified Tourism Ambassador, and the current Director of the Media Circle for the All Souls Procession. Instagram: @kathleendreierphoto Facebook: @kathleen.dreier
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