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9 Alisha "Las Muletas" Vasquez

My name is Alisha Vasquez (She.Her.Ella). I'm a 37 year-old krip Chicana mama of a 3 year-old from the unceded homelands of Tohono O'odham and Yoeme peoples. Becoming a parent has been the wildest journey of my life, which has funneled all of my past experiences, knowledges, and beliefs into a new solidification of my values--I am a more joyous version of my analytical self. I honor my Mexican American-Tucsonense family, punk rock, living disabled, my acceptance and rejection of the academy, and existing within community as the epochs of my education until becoming a parent. I've taught middle school, high school, and college, using these positions to channel resources into the community. I currently work at the Southwest Folklife Alliance and am following through on passion projects that use my training as an historian, community organizer, and educator to capture what it means to exist in so-called Tucson. Writing has always been my release valve, which I've done since I was 12; my style is a mezcla a la Allen Ginsberg, everyday vernacular, political economy, Simpsons references, and inside jokes--usually to make a point.
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