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The Army Man Project started out as a way to reach out to our community here in Tucson. We have been inviting local artists, musicians, business owners, friends and some recommendations to the studio for 3D scans. We try to capture people in their element and encourage creativity during the scan. We then take the 3D scan and print a 3.25" figure in the style of green Army Men Toys. Each package is custom made with each persons name, photo and occupation or hobby by laser cutting into a cardboard backer. Since we began this project, we started to get a better sense of community and appreciation for the people that make Tucson such a wonderful town. 100 scans later we decided we wanted to have an exhibit featuring all of these figures. We have no intention of stopping at these 100 people. We feel there are many people that we want to represent in this exhibit. We have funded the project thus far, but in order to expand to everyone who would like to participate we will offer custom scans and prints to donors. We want an opportunity to meet as many people as possible and create individual pieces of art based on them. Although a majority of the scans we have done have been entertainment based we aren't restricted to that field. We want to include all trades or anyone who has wanted a toy of themselves or loved one.
We will have a one night special event at Club Congress. After the special event, the exhibit will be on display at a locally owned business/gallery. The donors that back the project at the $60 dollar level and up will receive their piece after the exhibit. The date of the exhibit will be selected after we determine the scope of the project. Aside from the figures, we will feature performances from several people that are featured in the exhibit.
We hope to have the opportunity to work with as many people as possible and get all these Tucsonans at the same place and time for an exhibit featuring them.

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