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112 The Bird Lords (Lisa Lemke , Mik Garrison)

Hatched in 2019, The Bird Lords’ eclectic flight path spans the dance floor, circles the mosh pit, struts the city streets, climbs the mountain peaks. Journey along in the back seat of their rig as they hit the road, ‘making life happen yet…’ The Bird Lords are Lisa Lemke and Mik Garrison. Lisa, a singer and songwriter for over 30 years, performed in duos, bands, in theater and film and as an acoustic solo artist before creating The Bird Lords. Mik, a bass player for 30 years, is a multi-instrumentalist and live-looper, providing the landscape for their journey. Mik continues a popular solo career in Tucson. Their voices and styles blending sweetly, they cull from such diverse influences as Funk, RnB, Soul, and Hip Hop, to Jazz, Punk, Blues, Rock n’ Roll, and Americana to tell their stories. The Bird Lords released their first EP in November of 2019- “Nest Egg” is available on bandcamp The Bird Lords have performed at the Side Pony Express Music Festival in Bisbee AZ, Field Trippin Fest, Burning Man, on Radio, in Tucson and in L.A. Multi-media adventurers, The Bird Lords are busy writing, recording, and producing videos in their studio, The Bird Nest, in Tucson, Arizona. “The Bird Lords- It’s like smelling the biscuits!” Jason - Venice Beach, CA
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