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113 Lisa Waite Bunker

Tucson was gloriously arty in the 1960s and ‘70s, a part of the larger “house beautiful“ movement of that time. Art demos and fairs thrived, and organizations like the Tucson Art Center and Tucson Craft Guild had a heyday. Now, 50+ years later, a few names of our craftspeople are remembered: Rose and Erni Cabat, Maurice Grossman, Charlie and Louise Clement, Frank Patania, and Berta Wright. But there were hundreds of local folks like my parents who love making beautiful handmade art for homes and bodies to wear. Here, Lisa is wearing a “body ornament” created in the early 1970s by her mom, Elsie Waite, with faience beads formulated by John Waite. Lisa recently retired from the Pima County Public Library. You can learn more about Elsie and John at
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