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Gerald Rockwell


“Romancing the Stone”

Gerald Rockwell is a professional artist residing in Tucson Arizona. He finds great satisfaction in carving

free flowing abstract sculptures from stone because it provides him with the freedom of creativity that

he had not found in other mediums.

Gerald has a background in commercial art having graduated from The Art Center of Tucson. As a

commercial artist he spent many years doing work for a variety of clients but found more freedom in

pursuing the fine arts. Though skilled with a pen and brush he discovered a love for sculpture after a trip

exploring the great many museums and gardens across Europe. Fueled by this new desire he became a

self-taught sculptor and furthered his training under mentor Merlin Cohen.

Whether it’s forming the stone into abstract organic shapes, representing a figure from nature or a

mythological creature, he finds the image in the stone and releases it for all to see while embracing the

imperfections that represent life itself.

Gerald’s work has been shown in local Tucson sculpture exhibits through the Tucson Jewish Community

Center and as well as Sculpture in the Park in Loveland Colorado. His sculptures are

currently represented by Anticus Gallery Scottsdale, Toscana Gallery in Oro Valley, On the Edge

Contemporary Gallery in Tubac and Lovetts Gallery in Tulsa OK.

Gerald has been featured in The Desert Leaf, Tucson Lifestyle Magazine, and Tucson Guide publications.

Personal statement; “I do abstract sculpture because it brings me the most pleasure. It’s a release from

daily stress and there is no right or wrong. You simply follow your mind’s eye and what you see in the

stone then remove the excess. You are never sure what you are going to end up with, every stone has a

unique character, either by its translucency, texture, or color. I am often surprised. That is a joy!”

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