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155 Ricky Williams

I've been playing drums for 21 years I moved to Tucson in 1998 with my family my father got a job here at Davis Mothan Air Force Base after the Air Force Base in Sacramento where I was born was shut down. I've been in the Tucson music scene since about 2000-2001, during this time I was the drummer for a band known around Tucson as Sanity in Death during these years I really learned a lot about metal and playing death metal music I am capable of playing different styles of music, but metal and death metal has always been a go to for me because I get all the aggression and negativity out in a positive way. on top of that play in a Viking metal band in Tucson called Olden I've been in that band for about five years. being a part of the army man project is an honor I'm definitely in here with some big people in the music scene and very influential people in and around Tucson so to be in such company is huge for me I can't believe that I got to be a part of something like this! having a figurine of myself is pretty surreal thank you Rudy!
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