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148 Pat Waters

Pat Waters is proud to be a part of the Cultural Army of Tucson. Transplanted from New York in 1993, she loves to tend her native garden and feels a strong connection to desert. She’s long-time partner of Jim Waters, local audio producer/engineer, and has sung background on many a local recording. Together they founded Waterworks Recording, first in NYC and then out West. It’s been a wild ride chock full of a crazy cast of characters from Frenchmen to cowboys to hipsters. Pat’s overly fond of local beer, local food, local music, local shopping and is a voracious reader. Little known facts about Pat; she performed at CBGBs more than once back in the day, she’s hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back. Pat birthed three children, Emma, James & Julia and considers motherhood to be one of her greatest joys. She’s honored to have had the chance to create and foster three amazing humans and wishes them a journey as crazy and fulfilling as the one she’s on. Tucson has become more than a second home. Tucson is more than she ever could have imagined. So culturally rich and botanically unique. Tucson is weird and weird is good.
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