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97 Kimi Eisele

Photo attached (credit Nicci Radhe)
Kimi Eisele is a writer and multidisciplinary artist. She creates and produces stories, visual art, gatherings, and performances to help us find and feel kinship with people, plants, animals, and places. In 2016 she created and directed a year-long performance project, Standing with Saguaros, using public engagement, storytelling, and performance to celebrate the iconic saguaro cactus and the National Park Service Centennial. Kimi is the author of THE LIGHTEST OBJECT IN THE UNIVERSE (Algonquin Books 2019), a novel about loss and adaptation in a post-apocalyptic America. Her essays have appeared in Guernica, Longreads, Literary Hub, Orion,, and elsewhere. She holds a master’s degree in geography from the University of Arizona where in 1998 she founded You Are Here: The Journal of Creative Geography (still in publication). She is also a folklorist with the Southwest Folklife Alliance, where she edits and writes for BorderLore, an online journal about art, culture, and heritage in the borderlands. Learn more about her work here.
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