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75 Jim Waters

Jim Waters is an audio engineer/music producer/video soundman who has lived here in Tucson since August of 1993. Originally from Madison, Wisconsin, Jim moved to New York City where he developed his music producing skills at a variety of recording studios as well as recording live bands (more than a few at CBGB’s) and working on movie soundtracks. I met my life partner, Pat, while in New York, where we opened Waterworks Recording Studio (located on West 14th Street in Manhattan) the very same week our daughter Emma was born. It was a very eventful week. While in New York I worked with bands such as Sonic Youth, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and such notable people such as Lou Reed, John Cale and Dizzy Gillespie. After tiring of the non-stop hassle of big-city living, we moved out west to Tucson and immediately fell under its spell. The desert southwest is truly magical. The landscape, the foliage and the laid-back bohemian people make Tucson such an awesome environment. There are so many great musicians, artists, misfits and oddballs living here, which give Tucson a truly unique flavor. We opened Waterworks Recording West in January of 1994 and are now in our 27th year where we have continued to make music with bands from all over the world. In the meantime we also brought two more children into the world, Jim and Julia.
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