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71 Jenn Hopkins

My personal works are glimpses into my psyche as I’ve used visual art for therapy my entire life. Each piece signifies a moment in time as seen through the brain of someone who struggles with depression, the colors are more saturated than life and the lines are often chaotic. Movement is the other component important to my work; I enjoy organic shapes and swirls that will lead your eyes around the image over and over again. I enjoy working in multiple mediums but traditional oil painting is what dominates my heart. I like the buttery feel of paint going on the canvas as well as its ease of blending. I’ve always been attracted to rich and lush colors and I utilize different glazing techniques to get the color to pop. Some of my paintings have so many layers of glaze that I think light gets trapped in the paint, making the viewing experience very different in person than viewing a picture of it, even a good quality photo. You can find her work at
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