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13 Andrea Bielenstein


Andrea Bielenstein: I am an enthusiastic nerd who grew up here in Tucson with a deep love for the Sonoran Desert. As an avid fantasy book, game, and art collector I love immersing myself into new worlds and stories. World building has always been dear to my heart and the ability to imagine a different way of life and its societal constructs have blended well into my passion for community activism and local politics. As a graduate from Northern Arizona University who majored in both Political Science and Sociology, community activism (especially when it comes to food security and sustainability) is a deep passion of mine. Being part of a community is incredibly beneficial and I am a proud member of Tucson’s Brazilian samba group, Sol Axe, a diverse group of folks who love coming together and creating music. I have been drumming for more than seventeen years and drumming for me is one of the most grounding and meditative parts of my life. I also love gardening and my fiancé and I dream one day of owning chickens and goats (as well as some land, a Japanese soaking tub, and alpacas.) I am very much someone who loves cooking, sharing excellent meals and conversations with people, and going on adventures—I have always related deeply to hobbits and their way of life. I have been a member of the Prosperity Home Mortgage Jon Humig Team for almost five years as a transaction coordinator and working with our diverse clients has taught me much about community and the rich culture that Tucson has to offer. I learned about this project from my fiancé Lawrence who is an active member in Tucson’s local artist community and fell in love with it! We commissioned this 3D piece of both of us to be the topper for our wedding cake. Our wedding will be next year at the Tucson Botanical Gardens where we had our first date and will of course be slightly Lord of the Rings themed.
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