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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Sessions available now! Armyman project Vol 2

Sessions available now. Single and group rates available. Each participant will receive a scan session and 1 packaged 3.25" figure of their scan. Turnaround is approx 2-3 weeks after scan. Upon request we will donate a second copy of the figure to be featured in the Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures exhibit. Exhibit runs May 24th -Sept 11th 2022. Once order is placed we will determine a meeting place for the scans. Scans must be done in Tucson, Az. Appointments will be made in the order they are received. We encourage creativity. Past themes include occupation, hobby, emotion, wedding topper and graduates. Cosplay weapons are allowed but due to safety issues no real weapons will be scanned. We also try to avoid political themes. *small children and animals aren't eligible due to sensitivity of the 3D camera. Click Image to order or click link ARMYMAN Project

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